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Behind every great hearing benefit is a trusted partner with deep expertise and an extensive track record in hearing health care. Flexibility is essential. Your partner should be able to tailor a benefit to the needs of your health plan and members, while keeping pace with your growth and helping you adapt to emerging challenges and opportunities.

Expect more from your partner.

In the driver’s seat

Puts you and your members above all else

Quality care matters

Because good hearing is vital for overall good health

Deep member savings

More purchasing power = more benefit from the benefit

Convenient access

Hearing health care services close to home

High member ratings

Critically important for member growth and retention

Benefits without the burden

Offers full-service benefit administration

Consider the advantages of partnering with Amplifon.

You and your members are #1

Amplifon is independently owned, giving our providers access to hundreds of hearing aids from all major manufacturers. This helps ensure that your members get a hearing solution precisely tailored to their unique needs, preferences and budget. Even better, members who use an Amplifon benefit keep wearing their hearing aids, as evidenced by a low return rate (3.6%) vs. the industry average (19.4%).¹

Committed to high-quality care

We ensure high-quality hearing health care through a robust set of policies and practices, including provider credentialing and re-credentialing according to NCQA standards, URAC-accredited utilization management and standardized clinical protocols. Our devotion to whole-patient care supports optimal overall health and lower medical costs.

Truly affordable hearing health care

Our fixed, transparent pricing, coupled with our global purchasing power, enables health plan members to save an average of 66% on their hearing aids.² Our fully transparent pricing includes essential items, from hearing aid batteries or charger, to follow-up care and product warranty.

A vast provider network

At more than 5,000 locations, audiologists and hearing aid dispensers provide convenient care near 92% of U.S. neighborhoods. Our network includes Miracle-Ear® locations — an Amplifon exclusive.

Devotion to member experience

In many ways, we strive to create an exceptional experience for your members — especially important for Medicare Advantage plans. And it’s reflected in our CAHPS score: 98% of health plan members would “definitely recommend” their Amplifon provider.³

Doing the heavy lifting for you

Amplifon can serve as your single hearing health care partner, satisfying all administrative and management needs, including provider credentialing/recredentialing, preparing for a CMS audit and curating a comprehensive set of member communications.

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1 According to internal analysis of Amplifon’s 2020 return rate for plans with hearing benefits.

2 According to internal analysis of Amplifon’s savings off MSRP in 2021.

3 Based on October 2020 YTD CG-CAHPS survey results for plans with hearing benefits. Amplifon uses the CAHPS survey to measure member experience weekly throughout the year. 

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