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Derive maximum member value and ROI from your hearing benefit

When evaluating a hearing benefit option, one question stands above the rest: Does it deliver maximum value for your members and a strong return investment for your health plan? With Amplifon Hearing Health Care as your partner, you’re assured of a hearing benefit that meets or exceeds expectations on both counts.

Amplify your hearing benefit.

Support for improved member health

Hearing loss is a significant risk factor for life-altering and costly health conditions, including depression, dementia and injury-causing falls. Featuring evidence-based clinical oversight, an Amplifon hearing benefit is designed to drive optimal health and reduced medical costs. Plus, our benefit models can help boost utilization, increasing the positive impact on key comorbidities.

Precise hearing solutions & deep savings

Our ownership — independent from any hearing aid manufacturer — helps ensure that your members get a hearing solution tailored to their unique needs, preferences and budget. Plus, thanks to our global purchasing power, members save an average of 64% on their hearing aids.¹



The potential to grow & retain members

Member growth and retention are vitally important in today’s health insurance marketplace, especially for Medicare Advantage plans. In many ways, we strive to create an exceptional member experience, and it shows in our CAHPS score: 98% of health plan members would “definitely recommend” their Amplifon provider.²

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We make it easy to partner with us.

We know your business

We’ve designed, implemented and managed hearing benefits for some of the country’s largest and most successful health insurers and a variety of plan types, including Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, Medicaid and commercial. Our involvement with several industry groups enables us to monitor and respond to emerging health plan trends.

Convenient access to care

With more than 5,000 NCQA credentialed provider locations nationwide, hearing health care is close to home for your members. Our provider network includes Miracle-Ear® locations — exclusive to Amplifon.

Doing the heavy lifting for you

Amplifon can serve as your single hearing health care partner, satisfying all administrative and management needs, including provider credentialing/recredentialing, preparing for a CMS audit and curating a comprehensive set of member communications.
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¹According to internal analysis of Amplifon’s savings off MSRP in 2020.

²Based on October 2020 YTD CAHPS survey results for plans with hearing benefits. Amplifon uses the CAHPS survey to measure member experience weekly throughout the year.

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