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The content of this quiz is not intended to replace or substitute any hearing health care that you may need. This quiz and the related web pages are for educational purposes only and are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. To determine the hearing health care products and services that best meet your needs, consult a licensed professional.

Treating hearing loss

I might have hearing loss…

If you think you may have hearing loss or are experiencing any of the symptoms of hearing loss, you can take our quick and easy online hearing quiz to check to see if it may be time see a hearing care professional. 

You can also contact us directly to find a hearing care provider near you, schedule an appointment for a hearing evaluation, and check to see if you have an additional benefit though your health insurance provider or employer.

I have hearing loss…

If a hearing loss professional has diagnosed you with hearing loss, we can help. Amplifon Hearing Health Care gives you access to preferred pricing on hearing testing and devices. You may also have access to additional savings through your health insurance provider or employer.

Ready to get started?

  1. Call us at (877) 846-7074. Our friendly and knowledgeable Hearing Care Advocates will help you find a hearing care provider near you.
  2. Your Hearing Care Advocate will also explain the details of the Amplifon Program and assist you with making an appointment.
  3. Amplifon will send you and your provider the necessary information to activate your Amplifon program.
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Hearing aids are more advanced than ever

Contemporary hearing aids are digital and far slimmer than the banana-shaped hearing aids your grandparents may have worn. In fact, some wireless hearing aids are so small; they’re nearly invisible.